Round-Ups are Here!

We're stoked to roll out Round-Ups, Fold's latest and greatest Automations feature allowing you to stack even more sats with every swipe of your Fold Card! Double down on those round-ups with customizable multipliers so you can stack at exactly your own pace. This isn't just a way to passively accumulate bitcoin—it's about making every transaction an opportunity to grow your stack!


Our mission at Fold is to make bitcoin accumulation not just possible, but a seamless part of life. We’ve led the charge in earning bitcoin on everyday purchases and now, we take it up a notch with another sat stacking tool: Round-Ups. Your transactions are about to get a lot more exciting!

Round-Ups is here to bridge the gap between spending and stacking. Fold Card users can now supercharge their bitcoin savings by automatically purchasing bitcoin with the spare change from each card transaction.

How it works

Here’s how to turn your digital nickels and dimes into a treasure trove of sats:

  1. Head to the bitcoin tab.
  2. Tap on the Automations box
  3. Turn on Round-Ups
  4. Set your preferred multiplier
  5. Watch your bitcoin stack increase with each Fold Card transaction!
  6. When you’ve hit $5+ in round-up progress, we’ll purchase that amount in bitcoin for you.

Right now, the Round-Ups feature is ready for all Fold users who can buy bitcoin.

Why it’s a game-changer

Why is Round-Ups the move when it comes to effortless bitcoin accumulation?

  1. Set it once, stack sats forever.
  2. Multiply your round-up to stack at your pace - up to 10x per transaction!
  3. All within Fold's ever-growing suite of Automations, designed to make your bitcoin journey a breeze.

The Fold Automations Suite

With Auto-Stack firmly established, our Automations suite is growing. Round-Ups is the latest addition, giving you yet another way to wisely and automatically invest. As we venture into the future, expect this suite to become an even more robust toolbox for your bitcoin endeavors.

What’s Next?

We're not hitting the brakes anytime soon! There's a world of features on the horizon to amplify your bitcoin game:

  • Lightning Withdrawals
  • "Buy The Dip" feature for savvy market moves.
  • Auto-Withdrawal to send bitcoin straight to your wallet.

Thank you for being part of the Fold family—it's your enthusiasm and engagement that inspire us to keep innovating. If any questions or ideas pop up, our FAQ and customer support team are standing by to help.

Keep swiping, keep stacking, and let's make every cent count with Fold!

The Fold Team 🎉

Chelsey Chambers

Chelsey Chambers