The “Happy New Year” 2021 Fold Spinwheel

Introducing the New Years 2021 Fold Spinwheel!

Happy New Year everyone! Fold wants to kick-off 2021 with the best rewards around — 21x your largest purchase in the last 30 days!

This Wheel’s Theme: Let’s kick it off with a countdown of 3%, 2%, 1%! Celebrate our version of a “Times Square Ball Drop” — a prize which rewards you with 21x your largest settled purchase in the last 30 days (h/t to Mat in our Discord “Spinwheel Ideas” channel for the idea and the name).

The Wheel:

This wheel lasts from Tuesday, December 29, 2020 through Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

Rewarding Bigger Purchases: Some of the most consistent feedback we have received so far is that you want guaranteed wins for bigger purchases. We think the “Times Square Ball Drop” prize is a fun way to make that happen.

What Do You think? We have had a ton of great suggestions for the wheel. We will continue to implement those wheel wedges in the coming weeks.

How’d we do this week? Have any ideas for future wheels? Let us know below in the survey below.

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Standard disclaimer: This is just a summary. The purchase wheel is currently only available to Fold Card Holders. The wheel is available for spinning after each purchase made with the Fold card (currently excluding ACH), subject to certain exclusions. For full terms and conditions, see Terms of Spinwheel Sweepstakes — Intro Tier and Terms of Spinwheel Sweepstakes — Premium Tier. You can read about each of our spinwheel prizes from the current and prior wheels.

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