It's a Miracle on 21,000,000th Street - Win 100k sats

This December, Spin+ subscribers will experience the 'Miracle on 21,000,000th Street' and get a chance to instantly win 100k sats!

We're giving away a total of 21M sats throughout the month exclusively for our Spin+ subscribers. With 210 winners in total, you could be one of the lucky Spin+ subscribers to land on the grand prize and instantly win 100k sats!

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  • Introducing a 100,000 sats grand prize on the rewards wheel
  • Guaranteed 210 winners
  • Odds increase every week for the 100k sat prize
  • Special giveaways throughout the promotion
  • Exclusive for Spin+ subscribers


This event begins December 1st and ends December 21st.

How to Play

We made it easy:

  1. Earn Spins
    • 1 Spin for every $10 spent using Fold Card*
    • 1 Spin for every $10 spent buying bitcoin
    • 3 Spins for every $10 spent buying gift cards
  2. Spin and win!
*Pro tip: earn the most Spins (and a chance at 0.5% back) when you use your Fold Card to pay all your big bills and mortgage with PayPal's Bill Pay

Bonus Spins

Stay tuned! We have a new way for you to earn even more Spins every time you buy bitcoin; coming soon! Get rewarded for stacking sats.

Don't miss out on the chance to instantly win 100k sats and be part of the 'Miracle on 21,000,000th Street' celebration. Upgrade to Spin+ today and make December the most rewarding month of the year!

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