Fold x Paypal Bill Pay is Back!

The Ultimate Stack Hack


Spin+ subscribers get 0.5% back on every bill they pay. That means every time you pay your:

  • Mortgage
  • Rent
  • Auto Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Phone
  • Utilities
  • And just about any other bill you can think of!

You get 0.5% back in sats plus 1 Spin for every $10 you spend!

Example: Pay your $1500 mortgage and get $7.50 worth of Bitcoin back plus 150 Spins on our reward wheel for bonus sats where you have a chance to win 1 Whole Bitcoin!



1. Add your Fold Card to Paypal wallet

2. Find biller.

3. Pay bills.

4. Stack sats.

If this is news to you, you have no idea what we're talking about, or you need more detailed instructions, check out our original Paypal blog with detailed screens.

Why did this stop working to begin with?

It wasn't intentionally done. The Fold Card started being coded as a credit card which prevented it from being used for bills like mortgages, auto loans, etc, while still working for utilities, phone, and insurance bills.

Debit cards and credit cards have their pros and cons, but because the Fold Card is a debit card, you're able to earn rewards on your biggest monthly expenses like mortgages, rent, and car payments. Mark 1 in the W column for the good guys!

We worked with Visa and Paypal to ensure this stays as one of your favorite sat-stacking methods! We also have the potential to integrate a bill pay feature directly into the app as an official partner!

How do we keep it working?

We love when you earn sats back for everything you do! Sign up for Spin+!

As with all great things, don't abuse it. Use in a typical way. Pay your bills once a month.

Tell your friends! Your friends like sats back too!

Now what?

What are you waiting for? Start stacking!

Mat Rix

Mat Rix