Card Boosts Are Here

As of September 1, 2023, Card Boosts have expanded to include both Merchant and Category rewards. Read the latest update here.

We're excited to announce the Early Access launch of Card Boosts for Spin+ subscribers!

This feature gives Fold Cardholders exclusive access to extra bitcoin rewards when shopping at select retailers. Say goodbye to activation hassles and enjoy effortless rewards stacking!

With Card Boosts, Spin+ subscribers automatically earn additional bitcoin rewards just for using their Fold Card.

That's right; there's no need for any activation steps in the app – just simple and convenient sat stacking.

This means you can just shop confident that you’re earning the most bitcoin back possible just by using your Fold Card, wherever you are.

Look forward to an evolving catalog of deals stemming from various retailers, featuring popular grocery outlets, gas stations, digital streaming platforms, and fashion and home goods stores.

The future of Card Boosts is promising. Soon, all Fold Cardholders will have access, and we're working on enabling personal card linking for bitcoin Card Boosts on all transactions. Your earning potential with Fold is unlimited!

We value our Spin+ subscribers and are committed to delivering exceptional benefits. Early Access to Card Boosts ensures you experience this innovative feature first-hand.

Not Spin+ yet? It's easy to join the Early Access experience and start maximizing your bitcoin rewards. Upgrade to Spin+ today and be among the first to seize the power of Fold's Card Boosts.

Check out the full details at our Card Boosts FAQ.

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