It's a Hot Sat Summer - Win 1 million sats

We're making 100 Spin+ subscribers instant satoshi millionaires this summer by putting a 1 million sats prize on the Spin Wheel, and not taking it off until we’ve had 100 winners.

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  • Adding a 1 million sat prize on the wheel
  • Guaranteed 100 winners
  • Odds increase every week for the 1 million sat prize
  • Special giveaways throughout the promotion
  • Exclusive to Spin+ users


This event begins July 12th and lasts through August!

How to play

We made it as easy as possible:

  1. Earn Spins
    • 1 Spin for every $10 spent using Fold Card*
    • 1 Spin for every $10 spent buying bitcoin
    • 3 Spins for every $10 spent buying gift cards
  2. Spin and win!
*Pro tip: earn the most Spins when you use your Fold Card to pay all your big bills and mortgage with PayPal's Bill Pay

💥 One spin could win you the ultimate prize! Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to become a Satoshi millionaire.

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