Upgrade to Spin+ for Maximum Rewards!

Valid until 1/31/2023

Happy new year Folders! A new year gives us time to reflect and decide to be the best versions of ourselves going forward. What better way to do that than upgrade to the Spin+ fold card tier?

For the entire month of January we are sweetening the deal for all Spin+ upgrades. From Extra Spins to free sats, score a bonus reward when you level up to the best card tier Fold has to offer.

Start a Free Spin+ Trial
Still have that sweet trial button hanging out in the app but haven’t given it a go yet? Now’s the time! Any users who start a free 1-month trial of Spin+ will get

  • 10 Extra Spins!*

This offer is only valid for users who have not redeemed any free spin+ trials.

Upgrade to Spin+ Monthly
Ready to take the next step, but don’t want the whole cake? Upgrade to Spin+ monthly! Experience the value of Spin+ without the year-long commitment. For only $10 a month, you get access to all the best Fold has to offer, and you can cancel anytime! Plus, all upgrades to Spin+ Monthly this January will get

  • 10 x 30-day Extra Spins*
  • 5,000 sats!*

Upgrade to Spin+ Annual
For those who are ready to go all in this year, we recommend upgrading to the annual Spin+ plan. Save yourself 16% by grabbing the annual Spin+ plan for only $100/yr. Plus, we will give you

  • 10 x 30-day Extra Spins*
  • 100,000 free sats*

Spend 2023 with the best bitcoin rewards card on the market.

Need more reasons to upgrade to Spin+? Read our plan details here.

Want to earn MORE sats and share the winnings?
Right now, cardholder referrals are rewarding new users (and referrers) with 50k sats each! Simply share your referral link with your friends, and when they sign up for Spin (or Spin+) both of you will get a fat stack of 50,000 free sats!

Happy new year Folders, lets get this party started!!

*All Extra Spins rewards will be distributed upon upgrading or starting a new free trial. Sats rewards will be given within 7 business days of successful upgrades. The Spin+ Free trial offer is only available to users who have not redeemed a Spin+ trial. This promotion ends 1/31/2023 at 11:59pm PST unless otherwise stated.

Chelsey Chambers

Chelsey Chambers