Fold Announcement: Introducing #RektRelief

Now Through 12/19/22

• Intro: Bitcoin Not Crypto
• Why Fold Is Different
• Introducing #RektRelief aka FREE SATS!

Good morning, world.

How we doing out there?

It’s been a pretty crazy couple of months, and memes aside, we at Fold are deeply empathetic to the victims of the events unfolding for thousands of people in “crypto” land. It is no fun to have a multi-year rug pulled out from under you, much less while the entire financial world has converged onto covering the toppling dominos like a 24/7 play-by-play sports announcer.

It’s a brutal lesson for many, but as all past “crypto” converts can attest, there are few more effective ways to expedite the journey into understanding why the transparency and immutable truth of Bitcoin are so necessary in this world of degenerate leverage and ponzi blowups.

Not only is this the perfect time to learn from recently-exposed mistakes…but it’s the perfect time to make calculated upgrades to our mental and financial toolkits.

Credit: Lina Seiche,

It’s no secret why Bitcoiners have been cool as cucumbers throughout the slow-motion implosions of Celsius, Luna, FTX, BlockFi, Genesis, and more…it’s because they are dedicated to embracing low time preference in all aspects of life.

Watch: Hard Money and Time Preference – Saifedean Ammous

Us Bitcoiners are a simple bunch.

We stay humble.

We stack Bitcoin.

And we find ways to align our daily spending habits to avoid getting #Rekt.

This is where Fold comes in.

Why Fold is Different

Fold is dedicated to the Bitcoin-only mentality.

We never have, and never will offer absurdly high shitcoin APY yields to rope you into a convoluted ponzi scheme. We’re just here to help you stack Bitcoin.

That’s it, that’s all.

But don’t take the beauty of this simplicity from us…let our users’ actions demonstrate the value they’re receiving from our steadfast commitment to the most important pillars of the Bitcoin mission: consistent stacking, and self-custody.

Unlike our reckless competitors, we’ve taken great care to build our services around Bitcoin-only, not ponzinomic schemes offering outrageous yields for…well…nothing. This long-term, “move slow and break nothing” mentality provides us a great deal of safety in uncertain times, and even more excitingly, the ability to offer outstanding promotional deals to those negatively affected by the casino world collapsing around us.

That brings us to why we are here today.

Introducing Rekt Relief

Effective immediately, Fold is launching a special sign-on promotion (for new Fold Card accounts only) tailor-made for those who’ve recently been #Rekt by the false promises and unsustainable business models of “crypto” land, and are ready to embrace the Bitcoin Rewards Standard.

No shitcoins.

No shell games.

No nonsense.

All YOU have to do, dear incoming Folder, is use the promotional code below, and you are well on your way to replacing fake “crypto” yields and “points” rewards with the hardest money ever created.


Rekt Relief Signup Perks

  • 50,000 Bonus Sats for signing up through the link:
  • Bitcoin, not crypto
  • 1%-100% variable reward rate on all purchases
  • Free Spin+ Membership for 3 months
  • Zero-fee bitcoin buying (when released to all)
  • Zero-fee withdrawals to your own wallet
  • Did we mention the 50,000 Bonus Sats for signing up through the link:

Ready to Join the Fold Family?

SMASH that referral link harder than your recently-bricked crypto rewards card, and solidify your place in the Bitcoin revolution!

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Happy Stacking, and welcome to the Fold Family ❤️

-Fold Team

Growth @ Fold