Holiday Purchase Wheel

Available to all Fold Cardholders December 7th - January 4th.

As we coast into the closing credits of 2022, we are super excited to get the presents rolling early for you all.

How about an all-new purchase wheel that guarantees a whole bitcoin winner to ring in the winter season?

What's new

This year's Holiday Purchase Wheel hosts some fun new prizes, jam-packed with holiday cheer:

  • 🍊 One Guaranteed Full Bitcoin 🀯 (Spin+ Exclusive)
  • πŸ’£ Spin Bomb - Get 8 extra spins that last 5 minutes. Use β€˜em or lose β€˜em!
  • πŸš€ Increased % back prizes for both Spin and Spin+
  • πŸͺ¨ A very mysterious lump of coal…

Bitcoin Bonanza kickoff

From now through December 31st, we're guaranteeing someone wins a whole Bitcoin on the Spin+ wheel. Odds will increase each week until someone scores the almighty Orange Coin. (Odds always available in our legal terms).

  • 10 Million Sats will be split among the winner's entire Spin Squad.
  • The referrer of the Bitcoin winner will earn 10 Million Sats as well. So spread the word, and increase your chances!

❄️ Tap for more info on Bitcoin Bonanza ❄️

Prize Rarity

A classic among gamers, Prize Rarity is a new functionality we've added to help you with your re-spin strategy.

Are you willing to risk it all for a shot at a legendary win?

You already know what to do next…

Update your app, go buy that fancy dinner you’ve been craving all week (you know you deserve it), and top off your dessert with a test spin of the new purchase wheel!

As always, we love to hear any and all feedback. Drop by on Twitter anytime to let us know how you like the new wheel, and share your big wins with the world πŸ˜ŽπŸš€

Move the needle

So how are things going? We factor in your feedback as we build out each wheel. What did you think of this one? Great πŸŽ‰ β€’ Meh πŸ˜‘ β€’ No Good πŸ‘Ž


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Standard disclaimer

This is just a summary. The purchase wheel is currently only available to Fold Cardholders. The wheel is available for spinning after each purchase made with the Fold Card (currently excluding ACH), subject to certain exclusions. For full terms and conditions, see Terms of Spinwheel Sweepstakes. You can read about each of our spinwheel prizes from the current and prior wheels.

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