One more update before we go 🚀

Early Access is coming to an end!

We launched the Fold Card to our Early Access community back in November and have had an incredible time building with you all.

Since then, we’ve conducted hundreds of interviews, collected thousands of survey responses, processed tens of millions of spending and distributed billions of sats as rewards to our community.

It’s actually over 200,000 on the waitlist!
We can’t thank our Early Access community enough for working through bugs, features, roadmaps, delays and all the ups and downs we’ve had along the way — it’s been a great journey so far

In April, we will unveil the updated program based on everything we’ve learned from our Early Access community. While the experience will continue to evolve we will be onboarding the rest of the waitlist which means our community is about to explode.

TLDR: We’re reconfiguring the entire program to maximize your bitcoin earning on everything you do: spending, saving and investing.

Here’s a sneak peek into what’s going to happen.

What’s coming…

  • 💸 High Yield Savings Account: All users will get access to a high yield savings account where they can put their money to work without giving up custody of their bitcoin. Earning bitcoin as interest on your usd savings is going to be wild.
  • 💳 Credit Card: All Premium users will have free access to our upcoming credit card later this year! This card will supercharge your ability to stack sats.
  • 🏪 Merchant Offers Network: The world’s largest network of affiliate and merchant offers will be integrated directly into the Fold Card and App unleashing massive earning potential.
  • ✨ Gold Foil Physical Card: All Premium cardholders will receive their limited edition gold foil physical cards in April.
  • P2P Payments: Send money to friends and earn sats along the way!
  • ♻️ Extra Spins: Premium cardholders will continue to get 3+ extra spins each week and Intro cardholders will get 1+ extra spin each week on #FoldFridays.
  • ⏱ Spin Timer: The spin timer will increase from 1hr → 24hrs for Premium, and 5min → 1hr for Intro on 3/24.
  • Spin Limits: We’re transitioning away from a daily spin cap and will replace it with something smarter that limits spins per merchant instead.
  • 🎮 Spin Types: Think Stimpacks. ACH Spins, Flat Rate Spins, Boost Spins, Buddy Spins and more are all coming to help you earn more bitcoin and have more fun.

What’s going…

👉👉Updated: Early Access Benefits are now being paid out by April 5th. Meet the deposit requirements by March 31st to qualify and get the payout.

  • Early Access Bitcoin Bonus: The $50 BTC deposit bonus will be paid out in full to all premium users as long as they’ve deposited at least $500/month since signing up or have deposited more than $1,500 in total before March 31st at midnight PST (Bonuses will be paid out by April 5th). Our surveys showed 98% of Early Access users opted to remove the deposit bonus in favor of making the spending rewards more generous.
  • Bitcoin Rewards Interest Program: Earning interest on your bitcoin rewards requires users to forgo custody of their coins (“Not your keys, not your coins”). As we introduce millions of people to bitcoin we want to make sure to encourage them to hold their own keys. This sentiment was echoed by our Early Access community, so we’re going to shift our high yield interest program from bitcoin rewards to a USD savings account. We’re going to pay out the 10% interest (2% for Intro) on all eligible rewards earned before March 31st (Interest will be paid out by April 5th).

What it all means

We’re here to create the most fun and risk-free way to stack sats. Whether you’re an OG, pleb, degen, dirtbag or n00b, Fold will be make sure you are left with more bitcoin than you started with everyday.

Will Reeves

Will Reeves