The “Lower Highs, Higher Lows” Wheel, March 2021

Available to Fold Cardholders March 24— April 7, 2021

👉 First things first: Updated purchase spin timers are now live! Here’s what changed:

  • Premium: Went from 1 hour to spin → 24 hours
  • Intro: Went from 5 minutes to spin → 1 hour

This Wheel only has a few minor changes, all focused on one goal: consistency.

Fold bitcoin rewards app cardholder wheel for March 24,2021 — April 7,2021
“Can you spot them”.

Consistency has been a huge ask, right after “purchases that scale.”

TL;DR — More Consistent Wins, Please.

So The Seer has a good point — and who am I to argue with someone named The Seer. The last wheel had some big wins and some tough wedges.

This wheel tames some of those big wins in exchange for more consistent smaller ones.

Added 15x Spending Match, Removed 1x Spending Match

I assume this is a welcome change. Now its very difficult to have a truly bad wedge (unless you don’t take advantage of the cheat code below).

Added $5 Over/Under match, Removed 100x Match

At 2% of the time, it’s a great win. Any time you spend more than $5, you get $5.

To make room for it, we removed the 100x Match. That was a personal favorite of mine, because it generated such outsized wins. But again — its not all about me.

I’m curious on this new wedge. Instant fan favorite? Or anger that its not incentivizing large purchases?

Reduced odds of $100 Over/Under.

This was a controversial wedge (if you hit it, great!) but if not, it means lower prizes on the other wedges — like the 1x Spending Match. We kept the $100 on the wheel, for the adventurous. But we reduced the odds to help make room for the $5 Over/Under and the increased odds on the good matches.

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